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Your Audi functions with thousands of individual parts working together seamlessly. Due to the wear and tear that can be expected on mechanical components, high-quality replacement parts need to be used for all service and repairs. Maintain the safety, and comfort of your Audi with Audi Genuine Parts.

Audi Genuine Parts are developed at the same time as your Audi vehicle and are tailored for a precise fit and function. Audi parts ensure that all parts of the vehicle interact smoothly and efficiently, while also being durable and reliable.

Audi parts are available for up to 15 years after a model goes out of production. Since the parts are available as long as possible after a vehicle stops being produced, genuine parts allow you to maintain the value of your vehicle by guaranteeing "series quality" after a repair or service.

To learn more about Audi parts, and the role they play in keeping your Audi in optimal working order, select the part listed below. You'll find out how each part works, and why they need regular replacement and maintenance.

If your Replacement Parts are purchased and installed by Audi Centre Oakville, your Replacement parts warranty covers the parts and labour.

New and factory-remanufactured parts sold by Audi Oakville will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal user and service for

2 year / unlimited distance

Some parts, including batteries, come with a longer warranty.

Accessories purchased at the time of new vehicle purchase are covered for the new vehicle limited period of

4 years / 80,000 kilometers

whichever comes first.

If you purchase parts from Audi Oakville's parts counter and have them installed elsewhere, your coverage is for parts only.

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Not legal information. Always refer to the warranty booklet for complete details of Audi Warranty.

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