Audi Windshield Care

Good to know: Permanently good visibility

When optimum visibility is required, many factors play a role. For example, find out here how to care for your windshield wipers correctly or how to de-ice your windshield correctly in winter.

Care for your windshield wipers correctly

To protect the wiper blade lip and its smooth running coating, clean the wiper blades regularly with warm water and a soft cloth.

After driving your vehicle through a car wash, remove the wax from the windshield. In winter, take care not to use your windshield wipers when the windshield is iced up. If the windshield wipers are frozen to the windscreen, under no circumstances should you jolt them free.

Remove ice gently

Simple things such as ice scrapers and snow brushes make the greatest contribution to an ice-free windscreen. Audi Genuine Accessories offers a selection of especially-ergonomic ice scrapers that combine functionality and user-friendliness, hence protecting the windscreen.