Audi Exclusive

Make your Audi an exclusive

Make your Audi an exclusive

Everyone who drives an Audi   expects something special. With Audi exclusive customization, you can   make this special quality a uniquely personal one. Whether your dream   colour becomes the exterior paint of your new car, a fascinating type of   wood becomes part of your interior trim, or carefully selected fine   leather becomes your very own driver's seat, the choice is yours. Why   conform when you can customize to a new level of individuality found   only in Audi exclusive.


Enhance the look of your Audi with the colour you have always   imagined. With Audi exclusive paint, your colour choices are truly   endless.

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Experience Audi - Paint Swatches


Select from an extensive range of wood varieties, special colours   and grains to create a distinctively original interior with handcrafted   inlays.

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Experience Audi - Inlays Detail


Give your imagination free rein and experience an exclusive level   of comfort and luxury with customized leather upholstery and trim.

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Experience Audi - Leather Detail



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