2023 Audi e-tron

2019 e-tron

The 2023 Audi E-Tron

An Audi like every other and like no other. Audi's first-ever, all-electric SUV, the Audi e-tron.

2023 Audi e-tron Exterior

Behind these sharp lines lies beauty. The flowing edges and sharp creases of the e-tron move through the air as efficiently as possible, minimizing resistance and maximizing range. Truly a shape that is as aerodynamic as it is beautiful. With a selection of wheels available to max out your e-tron's efficiency, it delivers performance as well as style.

2023 Audi e-tron Interior

With the finest materials and boasting futuristic technology, you'll realize the e-tron is perfectly detailed. The two large MMI screens respond to touch for everything from navigation to climate control. Along with the Virtual Cockpit, you'll easily be able to take control and look amazing doing it. From sculpted door handles to circuit board stitching on the seats, you'll be amazed every time you get in.

2019 e-tron interior
2019 e-tron Performance

2023 Audi e-tron Performance

Debuting a completely new AWD system, the dual motor allows for control of each wheel. This allows for power when and where it's needed. Along with the adaptive dampers, you have ensured the perfect drive on any road. Worried about charging? The e-tron always looks ahead. The onboard route planner automatically updates when new charging stations become operational and can recommend charging stops along your route.

2023 Audi e-tron Technology and Safety

With the advanced driver assistance all the way to the intelligent convenience features, the Quattro DNA is stronger than ever in the e-tron. Safety and convenience lie at the centre of every Audi. The e-tron offers available adaptive cruise control, top-view camera, and many advanced features like the pre-sense 360 and intersection assist. Furthermore, the e-tron is ready to handle the cold Canadian weather. Mirror heating, rear window heating, steering wheel heating and seat heating can all be turned on before getting in your vehicle.

2019 e-tron Technology and Safety