300+ Point Inspection

As good now as it was new 

Audi Actungs (Stops)

If any of the following answers are NO, the vehicle cannot be enrolled in the Audi certified pre-owned program.

  • Has the vehicle pass the CarFax vehicle History Report?
  • Has the vehicle been in operation at least 4 months or have a minimum of 4,000 miles?
  • Is the vehicle 5 model years old or newer with no more than 60,000 miles?
  • Is the vehicle free from aftermarket modifications? (chassis body or engine performance chip)
  • Is it certain the vehicle does not have an extensive or unreasonable service history?
  • Do all VINs match? (Frame / windshield / B-pillar; all original, no alterations)


The following items are performed in the service bay, with the exhaust hose attached and the vehicle running.

  • Does the paperwork match the VIN and vehicle?
  • Is the model year of the vehicle confirmed?
  • Is the vehicle's radio available? (Not the code)
  • Are all major schedule maintenance, recalls and service updates (including oil changes) performed and up-to-date?
  • Verify the engine model code in the trunk and enter 5051 tool
  • Run diagnostic test with 5051/52 on vehicle; correct faults during inspection
  • Run battery load test
  • Print all diagnostic results and place copy in vehicle file
  • Is the vehicle still under original factory warranty?


The technician must determine whether, in his or her opinion, the car is a good candidate to become Certified at this point, before proceeding with the rest of the inspection process.

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