Benefits of Audi Genuine Parts & Service

 Benefits of Audi Genuine Parts & Service

Audi Genuine Parts and Service There's no substitute for the very best.

When you chose your Audi, you chose a vehicle that offered uncompromising quality and workmanship. Now ensure your investment is pampered with the finest of care - the kind of care only available at an Audi Dealer.

When you service your vehicle at an Audi Dealer, you can trust the technicians for expert knowledge and skill along with the care and attention you deserve. Your Audi Dealer offers the utmost convenience, such as hours of operation that meet your needs, alternate transportation and vehicle inspections.

Audi Genuine Parts - the right choice:

  • Ensure peak performance, comfort and safety for your vehicle - and peace of mind for you
  • All Audi Genuine Parts are manufactured to strict factory specifications for high quality and long life
  • High quality workmanship ensures a precision fit for your vehicle
  • Aftermarket parts may not be fully tested to meet regulatory and safety standards

Remember, only your Audi Dealer offers genuine Audi Service. Make sure your vehicle gets the very best.

Audi Genuine Shock Absorbers

Worn-out shock absorbers also increase the risk of aquaplaning and steering shimmies. There is a greater sensitivity to lateral wind and the car rocks as it passes over bumps in the road. To make matters worse, tires also wear out faster.

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Audi Genuine Dust and Pollen Filters

Filters prevent pollen and fine dust from penetrating the vehicle interior. This is not just a concern for people with allergies. If you sneeze while driving at 50 km/h, you're flying blind for 13 metres.

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Audi Genuine Brakes

Your brakes are your vehicle's most important safety system, and are crucial to keeping you safe. They must be in perfect working order, especially if they are to operate quickly and effectively in hazardous situations.

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