Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance: World-Class Protection Inside and Out

When you buy an Audi you also buy one of the industry's leading care and maintenance programs. From roadside assistance to a helpful maintenance schedule program, your Audi will be looked after with care and professionalism.

Audi Care

By purchasing a comprehensive Audi Care package, you get both extra value and added convenience for all your scheduled vehicle maintenance.

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Maintenance Schedule

Keep your Audi performing at its best by adhering to Audi maintenance schedules.

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Depend on your authorized Audi dealer for full selection from top brand names.

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Audi Window Repair & Exchange

Small cause, big effect - If you don't fix stone chip damage in the front windshield immediately, more often than not the only option will be the replacement of the windshield.

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Audi Window Repair

Intact windows are essential for the safety of the vehicle and absolutely necessary for the protection of its occupants; when the vehicle is moving even a seemingly small crack can cause the window to break.

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Audi Genuine Windshields

Comfort & safety, stabilising effect on the vehicle and most importantly, good visibility - a windshield is subjected to a wide variety of requirements. Audi Genuine windshields are subjected to rigorous tests to satisfy the most stringent demands.

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Audi Windshield Care

When optimum visibility is required, many factors play a role. For example, find out here how to care for your windshield wipers correctly or how to de-ice your windshield correctly in winter.

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